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In order to use the Information Request Form, please read and agree to the following notes.

Notes regarding use of the Information Request Form

・The Information Request Form is only for inquiries regarding IR information. We are unable to respond to inquiries regarding information about our products, stores, etc.

・Do not send e-mails regarding sales, invitations, questionaires, or other information that is not related to IR information. We are unable to respond to such inquiries.

・There is a possibility that we are unable to respond to your inquiriy by e-mail if your registered e-mail address is incorrect, or your mail server is full. If in any case, we may answer your inquiry via mail or phone.

・Depending on the content of your inquiry, we may contact you via mail or phone.

・Do not copy or forward our reply to any third party.

・We will promptly reply to each of your inquiries in order, but some may take more time than others depending on the content. Additionally, there are cases that we cannot answer your inquiry.

【Information Request Form, Privacy Policy】
・We use the e-YABUMI service of IIX INC. for the Information Request Form.

・The e-YABUMI service uses a secure server ID and all personal information transmitted will be secured by SSL (Secure Socket Layering), encryption technology.

・UNITED ARROWS LTD. and IIX INC. will not use your personal information provided other than to answer your inquiries. We will not disclose your personal information to any third party without your agreement unless required by law.

・We will secure your personal information, and safely use it to handle your requests.

・UNITED ARROWS LTD. and IIX INC. are not held responsible for unexpected problems (such as data download errors) that may occur.

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