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What is the corporate philosophy?
Please refer to the "Corporate Philosophy" section of this website for details.
When was UNITED ARROWS LTD. established?
The Company was established on October 2, 1989. For further details on the Company's history since its establishment, please refer to the "Corporate History" section of this website for details.
What is the significance and meaning of the Company's name and logo?
The name UNITED ARROWS LTD. embodies the concept of uniting various and diverse "arrows" that are directed toward a single goal or target. In this regard, the Company's name is derived by equating the common philosophy and aspiration of each and every employee as arrows shooting forward toward a single mission. The UNITED ARROWS LTD.'s logo is created by combining the "U" of "UNITED" and the "A" of "ARROWS" with an image and motif depicting a head-on view of UNITED ARROWS LTD.
What kind of business is UNITED ARROWS LTD. engaged in?
Please refer to the "The UNITED ARROWS Group’s Businesses" section of this website for details.
What are the Company's business model?
Please refer to the "Business Model" section of this website for details.