Corporate Philosophy

The United Arrows corporate philosophy guides our everyday activities. As described in the diagram below, it is made up of our mission, our way, and our commitment. As the path to which we consistently aspire, it embodies the unwavering values we have held since our founding.

Policy Structure

Our Mission

With sincerity and a sense of beauty,
we continually create new tomorrows for our customers,
setting the standard for lifestyle culture.

Through service, products, and places charged with sincerity and a sense of beauty,
we help each of our customers dress for the lives they lead today and for richer lives tomorrow.

We believe that engaging daily in this way can create a richer, brighter world.

By banding together, firm in this conviction, and speeding forward like an arrow, we will continue to set an indispensable standard for lifestyle culture.

Our Way

All for the Customer

Our way describes the fundamental stance that all employees who work at United Arrows should bear in mind in order to achieve our mission.

We work to help to our customers, to benefit to our customers, and to fulfill our customers’ needs. Making our customers happy is the essence of the United Arrows Group, and must remain our fundamental stance.

Helping, benefiting, and fulfilling the needs of customers sometimes takes longer, involves a greater number of hands, and costs more than expected. This is why we pursue productivity, speed, and quality, looking beyond what is expected of us in our constant pursuit of customer service.

Everything we do must be for our customers. Only by providing proper service can we provide fair value for our customers’ money. Our customers’ happiness leads to our happiness. We are nothing without our customers.

Our Commitment

Creating Five Values

Value for Customers - Value for Employees - Value for Business Partners - Value for Society - Value for Shareholder

Five kinds of stakeholders sustain the United Arrows Group: customers, employees, business partners, society, and shareholders.

We are committed to realizing our mission by increasing value for each of these stakeholder groups, creating value for customers, value for employees, value for business partners, value for society, and value for shareholders.

The most important of these is creating value for our customers; only by creating value for our customers can we create value for our other four stakeholder groups. In addition, we believe that balanced creation of the other four values also leads to improved value for our customers.


The United Arrows Group Code of Conduct describes how we should think and act to realize our mission. Doing so requires contributing to society by following our way and by maintaining our commitment to society. We will continually review the Code of Conduct to ensure that it stays current with societal changes and demands. By grounding our actions in it we aim to continue contributing to society.

Creating Value for Customers

We see all who take an interest in our stores or in the United Arrows Group as our customers, and share a duty across all divisions to continue cultivating customers. Remember that only customers who are satisfied and inspired by the services we provide will return to our stores. Our stores won’t last without them. Creating value for customers means pursuing attentiveness and a sense of beauty in the three areas of service, products, and places, and building relationships of trust with customers by providing sincere hospitality. Our hospitality builds the affinity with customers that leads to the initial and repeat visits that enable the United Arrows Group to continue to grow.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Customers

1The five criteria

To satisfy our customers’ needs, we offer a stable supply of products that enables customers to purchase what they want, in the quantity they want, when they want, where they want, and at the prices they want. We will continue to lead in quickly developing new products that excite and thrill our customers. We believe that continuing to provide services grounded in Our Way―“all for the customer”―will lead to the creation of value for our customers.

2The safety and quality of services, products and places

To build and maintain trust with our customers, we make every effort to ensure the safety and quality of the three elements that provide customer satisfaction―service, products, and places. We also continually pursue improvements in safety and quality, developing systems that prevents recurrence in the event that problems arise, raising awareness, and establishing mechanisms that operate across the entire United Arrows Group.

3The proper display of information in an easy-to-understand format

Taking a customer-oriented view, we continue to provide broad-ranging product information and other useful information in an easy-to-understand format that meets the needs of customers. In addition, we follow all laws and regulations in disclosing information about our products and services.

4Prompt and effective complaint response

We treat customer inquiries and feedback as valuable messages, responding promptly and in good faith. We continually organize this information and utilize it to facilitate product development and to improve service.

5The proper protection of customer information

Fully understanding the spirit of Japan’s Personal Information Protection Act and similar laws in other countries, we provide proper protection for personal information by developing information management systems appropriate to the importance of the information.

Creating Value for Employees

The United Arrows name comes from the company’s desire to unite individual employees like multiple arrows speeding toward a single target. It expresses our vision of an organization made up of diverse individuals bound by a common mission. To achieve this mission, United Arrows Group employees aim high, value their colleagues, learn and grow together, and overcome the trials they face as a team to get results and improve productivity. We hope to continue providing such employees with an environment where they can excel, have opportunities to grow, and be amply rewarded for their performance. By doing so, we aim to make the United Arrows Group a company where all employees can work in a manner that suits them and feel truly happy in their jobs.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Employees

1A lively workplace

We recognize the diverse personalities and capabilities of our employees, respect and trust one another, value teamwork, and move forward as one as we aim to achieve our mission. We believe that our human resources policies, in order to ensure a lively workplace, must offer employees opportunities to live out their dreams, do worthwhile work, demonstrate professionalism, feel enthusiasm, set targets, be dynamic, experience real growth, enjoy a sense of well-being, find meaning in their work, and have a sense of values.

2A fair and impartial work environment

The United Arrows Group’s diverse network of valued personnel includes employees of different ages, genders, nationalities, and religious faiths all working together. We provide opportunities to perform and grow to all employees impartially. We absolutely do not discriminate based on diversity of background. Similarly, we do not tolerate sexual harassment, power harassment, or other forms of harassment in our workplaces. We comply with Japan’s Labor Standards Act, as well as related laws and regulations and similar laws and regulations in other countries, and endeavor to provide and share appropriate related information.

3Employee health and safety

We develop and improve our systems for supporting employees’ physical and mental health by holding meetings of the Health and Safety Committee and offering access to occupational health physicians and public health nurses. At the same time, we take measures to prevent unforeseen accidents in the workplace in order to create safe workplace environments.

4An environment conducive to personnel training

Through education, we evolve with each passing day to better serve our customers. We create an environment conducive to learning at each of our workplaces, enabling employees to develop an appropriate attitude and acquire the necessary knowledge and skills.

Creating Value for Business Partners

We view all individuals and organizations with which we have business relationships as business partners. Such partners are absolutely essential to our activities, so one-sided relationships where only one party benefits must not exist between the company and its partners. It is important that we never forget to be grateful to our partners for their willingness to sell to us, buy from us, and cooperate with us in other ways, and that we engage in transactions where both the company and our partners are treated as equals whose interests are aligned. We believe we can create value for business partners by focusing not only on growing our own business but by remaining committed to growing together.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Business Partners

1Conduct in compliance with laws and regulations

We comply with Japan’s Antimonopoly Act (including the Subcontracting Act and the Act Against Unjustifiable Premiums and Misleading Representation) and similar laws and regulations in other countries. In sales we strictly forbid acts such as private monopolization or offering unfair price treatment, and in purchasing we forbid acts such as refusing to conduct business with specific individuals or organizations or abusing a dominant position. We continually work to raise awareness within the United Arrows Group, develop monitoring and other frameworks, and respond appropriately to ensure we do not violate these laws.

2A mindset of gratitude toward business partners

All our business partners are absolutely essential in advancing our business activities. Never forgetting our feeling of gratitude, we conduct business with them as equals with whom our interests align. Committed to growing together, we continue to learn from one another and come up with innovative ideas.

3Respect for intellectual property

In product development, sales activities, advertising, and other areas, we correctly understand and respect the plans, intentions, and creativity of designers and creators. We also manage and preserve copyrights, trademarks, and other intellectual property appropriately.

4Fair and impartial transactions

We emphasize the importance of conducting fair and impartial transactions, and do not engage in acts that could be seen as collusive. If we receive business-related entertainment, gifts, or other such treatment from business partners or others, we take care not to violate the generally accepted social norms for such behavior, and absolutely refuse to accept favors or profit on a personal basis.

Creating Value for Society

The company believes that setting the standard for lifestyle culture in Japan is our foremost value to society. In our business activities, we recognize the importance of building a relationship of trust with society by paying appropriate taxes, complying with national and regional laws, respecting local cultures and customs, and taking care to preserve community environments. Further, we foster workplace environments and a corporate culture that encourage employees to participate in community service activities. In this way, we work with our employees to contribute to the development of society.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Society

1Contribute to setting the standard for lifestyle culture

In pursuing our company’s business we are guided by our mission to set the standard for lifestyle culture. By contributing to the elevation of lifestyle culture, we aim for a society in which everyone can live rich, fulfilling lives. Leveraging the unique characteristics of the United Arrows Group, we actively participate in events for improving the environment, people’s welfare, and culture, while respecting local cultures and customs.

2Earn the trust of society

Our business activities are made possible by the sustained, healthy development of society. Therefore, we believe it is important to build a relationship of trust with society by paying appropriate taxes and complying with national and regional laws and regulations. We have absolutely no connections with organized crime groups, corporate extortionists, or other anti-social forces, taking a firm stand against such elements across the United Arrows Group in coordination with the police and related bodies.

3Environmental conservation and social contributions

Based on our belief that being environmentally-friendly is also people-friendly, we work hard to minimize our environmental impact through the 3Rs: reducing, reusing, and recycling. We also respect, actively promote, and support community service activities carried out voluntarily by our employees based on their sense of respect and appreciation for the Earth, such as volunteering, fund-raising, donating to charity, and environmental cleanups.

Code of Conduct for Creating Value for Shareholders

Shareholders are those who invest in the company—its owners. Through their investment, shareholders earn a variety of rights, including the right to receive a share of company profits and to participate in its management (voting rights). Actual management, however, is entrusted to the directors elected at shareholder meetings, and daily business activities are entrusted to employees. Therefore, when everyone in the United Arrows Group feels a strong sense of responsibility toward their duties, whether managerial or operational, and when we communicate company circumstances to the shareholders in a timely and appropriate manner, it creates increased value for shareholders. Increasing corporate earnings maximizes profit for shareholders (dividends and profit from a rising stock price). Increasing corporate earnings, of course, requires creating value for customers as evidenced in the form of increased sales.

Creating Value for Shareholders

1Investor relations

To increase value for shareholders, investors, and all of our stakeholders, we seek to communicate actively through shareholder meetings and IR activities. IR activities do more than simply provide information; they also serve as a means of conveying outside opinions to management and of building better relationships with all of our stakeholders.

2Control of internal information

We never use or pass on non-public information for our own profit or that of others. We also conduct strict information management within the United Arrows Group in accordance with relevant laws and regulations in Japan and other countries.

3Timely information disclosure

We promise to always disclose accurate information in a fair and timely manner, and on an ongoing and voluntary basis.